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Hi, I'm Professor Mindy Peck Kurtz!

Just a little about me...

I graduated from the University of West Florida in Pensacola with both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  Both degrees were in the area of communication, therefore I am familiar with the theories that are involved in this specialization.  I was given the opportunity to teach while I was a grad student at UWF, which led me to my career.  I fell in love with it, so here I am!  I have been teaching college at both the university and community/junior college levels since 2000, and I have been with FCCJ (now FSCJ) since 2006 as an adjunct with the South campus.  I was hired full time at the Kent campus in 2008, and you may find me at the Cecil Center here and there.  In addition, I teach a few sections of Speech Communication at Flagler College in St. Augustine and have worked with Flagler's SGA offering team bulding and communication workshops.  I have been teaching for Flagler since 2007. 

I teach many sections of the Intro to Speech, Fundamentals/Speech Comm and Business and Professional speech courses,and have experience in other areas of human communication courses.  My favorite area of communication is teaching, and studying, nonverbal communication because it is such an important factor in our communication!  So, watch out!  (Have you seen the show "Lie to Me"?) 

I attended the Body Language Institute in May 2012 where I received intensive training in this area from Janine Driver, an expert in the field of nonberbal comm who was trained by the "guru" of this science, Dr. Paul Ekman.  Dr. Ekman was the scientific consultant behind "Lie to Me" and has trained people from law enforcement to government and military personnel.  Cool, huh?  I earned a Master Certification in Body Language from her.  I am currently working with the Center for Body Language, with Patryk and Kasia Wezowski, and I am a certified Practitioner, Coach and Trainer of Microexpressions.  I train with them and I am in the process of partnering with them to be a media contact to review media footage to analyze the body language and explain to the media for the Center.  In addition, I am currently working on creating a local organization in Jacksonville to offer training locally to other organizations.  Exciting stuff!

In the summer of 2010, I was invited twice to be a guest on Fox News' morning show Fox & Friends as an educational expert discussing the changes in colleges today and cheating in colleges.  The producer of the show has asked me if I would like to return, and I happpily said yes!  Some are not fans of Fox News, but it was a great opportunity for me to discuss educational issues and get the word out to viewers. 

I do offer coaching on speaking and workshops and seminars on nonverbal communication.  And, I offer training in Microexpressions through the Center for Body Language (there will be a fee associated with that for materials and instructor).

Teaching is not what I do, but what I am!  I am passionate about my classes, and I strive to not only teach students, but really get them to learn.  I believe in "edutainment"...having FUN while you learn.  Isn't that the best way! 



Mindy Peck Kurtz, M.A., Professor of Speech

Office hours: Posted Spring/Fall hours: MW 11a-12:30p, 2p-4p; TR No office hours;  Virtual hours: MW: 11a-12:30p, TR: 11a-12:00p. Summer hours vary...check with Mindy.
Office location: KENT A-245
Office Phone Number: (904)381-3426
Fact:  I will accept chocolate at any time (not dark), or peanut M&Ms, but don't think that is changing your grade! ;-)
*Cecil Center and Flagler hours are before and after each class.  Please e-mail or call if you need anything!

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